ST Type Yarn Specifications

Any metallic coloured yarn 12 microns can be rounded on Rayon or any other thread denier as per requirement.. They are produced by wrapping a metallic yarn around a core yarn.The metallic here fully covers a polyamide/nylon or polyester core yarn. These yarns or embroidery threads are specially made for use on modern multi-head embroidery machines, where speed is an important factor. A special yarn lubricant is applied to these yarns. Supplied on cones of 250 gms net.

Yarn Count Type Covered with (Denier) Length (Meter per kg) X 1000 Composition
208 DENIER TM-110NY 1X110 NY 48 48 48 45% PE 55% NY
256 DENIER TM-140NY 1X140 NY 39 39 39 39% PE 61% NY
263 DENIER TM-150 1X150 RY 38 38 38 36% PE 64% RY
400 DENIER TM-250 1X250 RY 25 25 25 31% PE 69% RY


Thicknesses - 12 micron
Width - 1/64"
Material Used - PE= Polyester,NY= Nylon,RY-Rayon

Packaging Details

250 gram on cone (Cone size : 6 inch high paper cone)

Technical Properties

Ironing temp (Max.) - 135oC, 15 sec.
Dry heat - No change 180oC, 60 sec.
Steaming - No change 30 min.
Boiling Water - No change 100oC, 1 hr
Ethanol - No change 25oC, 30 min.
Trichloroethylene - No change 25oC,30m.
Benzene - No change 25oC, 30 min.
Acetic acid (5%) - No change 25oC, 30m.


From wide width weaving to narrow ribbons
Military regalia
Leavers lace surface liner gimp decoration


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