LAC Coated Metallised Polyster Film

Our lacquered films are the basic input for the production of a multitude of metallic yarns. The superior coating technology makes the firm resistant to chemical and water. These films are available in a variety of colors and thickness, which makes them suitable for wide range of requirements.

We give special treatement while coating polyester film to produce best quality Lac. Coated polyester film.

Following types of lacquered/coated films are available with us:

  1. One side Lacquered Metallized Polyester Film
  2. Both Side Lacquered Metallized Polyester Film (D.G. Grade)
  3. Lacquered Metallized Polyester Film (Extra Slippage)
No. Products Thickness Application
1 Metallized Polyester Coated on both sides with heat resistance D. G. lacquered 12, 24, 130 , 150 Yarn, Decorative, Sequence
2 Metallized polyester coated on one side, other side plain 12,23 Lamination
3 Metallized polyester high slip coated on both sides 23 Glitter Powder

Technical Properties

Ironing temp (Max.) - 135oC, 15 sec.
Dry heat - No change 180oC, 60 sec.
Steaming - No change 30 min.
Boiling Water - No change 100oC, 1 hr
Ethanol - No change 25oC, 30 min.
Trichloroethylene - No change 25oC,30m.
Benzene - No change 25oC, 30 min.
Acetic acid (5%) - No change 25oC, 30m
Washing - No change Neutral Soap 0.5% 80oC, 15 min.


  1. The aboves are not guaranteed specifications but tested data by laboratory.
  2. Figures shown here for all articles are tested data by laboratory, however we suggest that you test all materials for your own particular applications.
  3. Beside the standard qualities and colors illustrated have, a variety of other qualities and colors are available at request.