Glitter Powder

Our "Glitter " is made of polyester metallic film.Polyester film is aluminum metallized & color coated and the film is cut into small pieces in uniform shape and precise size.Our speciality is high slip and chemical resistant glitter specially used in cosmetic and paint industry.


  1. Metallic print, Screen print for textile, leather, etc.
  2. Plastic blow molding for Epoxy, Polyester & Acrylic resin.
  3. Injection molding for PVC
  4. Sprinkling over for color decoration
  5. Cosmetic, Nail paint
  6. Painting for plastic goods, Poster color, etc.


Process - A brilliant lightweight material that gives extra shine and reflection in a variety of colors and sizes. To obtain this material, polyester films are metalized with pure aluminum 98% which makes it very bright and then colored with epoxy resins that are solvent resistant. Its yield is very high and it is moderately heat proof up to about 160oC. We use 25-micron (1 mil) thickness for our regular products and 12-micron (1/2 mil) for special order extra-thin sizes.
Size(mm) - 0.01,0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4,0.6,0.8,1.0,2.0
Shape -
Packing - 10 or 5 kgs per bag, 40kgs in export cartoon
Minimum Quantity - 10 kgs per color
MSDS - Available on request


  1. Beside the standard qualities and colors illustrated have, a variety of other qualities and colors are available at request.